July Special!

July Special!.

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Small Business Saturday Special…You Decide

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Small Business Saturday Special...You Decide

I’m an anti-black Friday gal, but I’m a pro-small business Saturday gal! I’m debating running a special… I want feedback.
I want you to tell me (either a private message, wall post, comment, or on my blog) if you think it should be:
A) a percent off of your total purchase;
B) a special on a particular item or group of items;
C) should I knock off $10 for every $50 spent?

I will tally votes until midday Friday & post the special Friday evening. Happy Holidays & safe travels everyone!

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group 5!!! women: raw. honest. loved.

The newest group is up! If you’re not already following this project, you should be…grab some tissues!

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Group numero cinco.
Six women.
The smallest group we’ve had just yet.
The smallest, most intimate, possibly most emotional group we’ve had so far.

I’ve said this before: I’m no therapist. I possess no degree in counseling nor anything having to do with therapy, in the least. I am just a photographer.
This project started as a simple concept with the hope of purely helping us all to be less catty, more supportive, more understanding, more loving…a super simple concept; a baby step toward becoming a better person.
The surprise happened with the very first group, however, when we walked away feeling…well…lighter. A bit cleansed. In addition, we walked away less catty, more supportive, more understanding, more loving….so, SUCCESS!
There is no need for me to be a therapist as the host of these groups…
There is so much to be said for just pouring one’s heart out…for feeling comfortable…

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About a year & a half ago, I searched Google for a homemade, from scratch, lasagna. 

One of the first search results was a blog, I think the name had some combination of homestead American pioneer…something AHHH! Anyway, it was a FANTASTIC recipe including a recipe for homemade marinara & homemade ricotta cheese. I, stupidly, didn’t follow the blog, but regoolgled & used those recipes a couple of times. I don’t remember which blog site/host, whatever, she was on either, that would be helpful.

It was the best lasagna I have ever made or eaten, for that matter. The marinara recipe was unbelievable & I used it for everything! The ricotta was perfect & simple to do.

Here’s the problem….

I went to Google & typed in “homemade scratch lasagna”….after going through 30 pages of results (I’ll recognize the blog name when I see it, I think)…nothing.

So then I Google “homemade lasagna ricotta marinara”…same problem.

I went to my Facebook page, because surely I would have posted this amazing blog…I found my “I’m making ricotta for Saturday’s lasagna!” post; and my “Oh my gawd! My lasagna was amazing!” post, but up to a month before, nothing about the recipe. Nothing with the link between then & now! (Do you know how frustrating it is to look for something from over a year ago on Facebook?! Why don’t they have a search feature?!)

Here’s what I need from you…

Please share this post in any way you see fit. I want everyone to read this & maybe it will get back to Lasagna Angel, yes that’s what I’m calling her, & she’ll reach out to me. Or maybe someone will read this who knows exactly which blog I am ranting about.

I know there are a million other lasagna recipes out there, but this one was AMAZING, my whole family liked it! (That’s a hard feat, with a critique-aholic husband, an autistic teen, a 12 yr old who disassembles everything he eats searching for things he doesn’t like, & a toddler).

INCENTIVE: If you follow my business page, knowmoremt.wordpress.com, & you think you have found Lasagna Angel’s blog, message me there. If you find the right one, I will send you 1 gallon of whatever product you choose (except for carpet powder or furniture polish) for free!!!

group 4!!! women: raw. honest. loved.

This is the 4th in this series…if you haven’t seen the 1st 3, you must! Read, cry, & share!

alana t photography


Terrifying is the word that keeps entering my brain when thinking about the ladies’ feelings about being a part of this group.  Prior to the evening taking place, “terrifying” is the word that kept coming up when they would enter any sort of conversation discussing their upcoming participation.
And “terrifying” was the word that kept being used at the beginning of the evening.
But, ask any of these ladies now, after they have participated and felt what the whole experience is about, and I feel like you will get some words other than “terrifying” to explain it.
I have heard words now like: relieved. accepted. understood. affected. touched. loved.

I must admit that this group was the first one that made me a little bit nervous…
I’ll explain.
The first group we did (if you’re only familiarizing yourself now with the project, visit…

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Honey Garlic Roast Chicken

This was what I did on Tuesday.  Honey Garlic Roast Then a date night with my 12yr old to Music in the Park.  Then on Wednesday we did this…    Chicken.http://happyhealthnut918.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/homemade-bone-broth/

Just turned off the crock pot from round 2 (as we roasted 2 chickens to feed our family & make sure there were leftovers for chicken salad sandwiches). Kitchen is mostly clean, laundry is done, baby is happy, teens are waking up, coffee is poured…so far, this is an awesome Thursday morning.

I hope you all are safe from the heat & staying hydrated.


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21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

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k(No)w More

Through the end of August…

Any time you order Laundry Detergent & Bleach Substitute on the same invoice I will give you a 25% discount on your entire order!

If you order Glass Cleaner & Surface Cleaner together…guess what?!                                         25% discount on your entire order!

Container fees or delivery fees not discounted. Product quantities must be 12oz minimum each for discount to apply.

coupon code = 25summer13

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Sometimes…people still can shock me, in good ways!

I received this message from a “facebook friend,” whom I honestly hardly know.  She totally made me cry. It fills me with joy to know that the “me” I try to portray publicly, apparently is the “me” that I feel like I am. You never know if what you do & say in a public forum represents you the way that you hope it does.

Hi Paige.. I know we’ve never talked much but I wanted to send you a little message..

I have to be honest and say that I am pretty sure I know you from Highschool.. but I dont remember you.. I wish I did.. I dont know If I was an asshole and just didnt make time to get to know you.. Of if we where just friends of friends.. Anyway…

Over the time Ive had you on my facebook I feel like Ive gotten to know what a beautiful person you are.. I regret not getting you know you better sooner.. I admire your love of everyone and everything.  I love the way you love your children and your husband.  I aspire daily to be more like you..

I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful person you are!!  Thank you for being you!!


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from laughter to tears…and back again. a video montage of the first women’s project!

from laughter to tears…and back again. a video montage of the first women’s project!.

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